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  • Exploring the Role of Coffee Fruit Polyphenols in Blood Sugar Management for Type 2 Diabetes

    Polyphenols, a type of antioxidant abundant in plant foods, play a crucial role in supporting our health. Among these sources, the coffee fruit...
  • Unlock the Power of I Am Grounded's Coffee Fruit Bars: 11 Happy Customers Share Their Love for Natural Caffeine Boost!

  • Why a Customizable Vegan Snack Subscription is the Perfect Solution for Healthy Snacking

    Searching for scrumptious snacks that suit your style? You're in for a treat! I Am Grounded's versatile Subscription Box has all the answers. You...
  • A Nod To Caficultores (Coffee Farmers) 

    A Nod To Caficultores  (Coffee Farmers) Last Saturday, October 1st was International Coffee Day - the perfect excuse to visit your favourite c...
  • Early Lecture? Late Tutorial? Long Study Session?

    Early Lecture? Late Tutorial? Long Study Session? Despite the fact that the university semester is undoubtedly underway, my brain doesn’t seem to h...
  • What Is Coffee?

    Ah, coffee! How could we survive those early morning starts without it? But what is coffee? Well, let’s discuss! 

    Coffee isn’t just a natural source of caffeine - it has an abundance of health benefits. 

  • Overcoming lockdown blues. We talk to the 'Gut Man' 

    Stress affects the vitality of the human gut. Living in a world of promoted stress has shown to be a leading cause of anxiety and depression, w...
  • Experts suggest that coffee could reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, New study suggests.

  • Why coffee fruit is a superfood!

    Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am a co-founder of I Am Grounded.

    The most common question I get about I Am Grounded is around coffee being a fruit. So, I wrote this informative and easy to digest blog for any curious minded people to learn more about coffee and its fruit. We talk about the origin of coffee, antioxidants, caffeine and more!
  • Coffee fruit: What is it?

  • In The Now January

    January 2020  Happy new year to all! As we enter a new decade, Australia currently faces some uncertainties, 2020 is the year w...
  • In The Now August

    Hi Friends, All is well here at Coffee Fruit Bar, as usual we have been flat out over the past month with lots of news to share! ...