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Delicious snack

I found these delicious little bars and the small amount of caffeine is just right for a pickmeup.

Rich and Fruity

Very different,rich in fruit and coffee flavour ,can’t really taste the added flavours,but I enjoy them , taste like fruit cake . Great to throw in your bag .

Variety pack

These bars are delicious, as a non-coffee drinker ( my idea of a cup of coffee is instant in lots of milk and cream on top) I find the strong ones perfect and, depending on time and my mood, the others perfectly fit the bill. 💕

5 Bar Sampler
5 bar sampler

So glad I got the sample pack.
They are delicious. Still can't decide which one is my fav.
Doing shift work these are a good size to pack. After night shifts they are so easy to eat on the way home. Definitely recomend getting these.

5 Bar Sampler
Glenda Savoulian
Sampler 5 pack

Awesome wholesome bars

The best snacks ever

Such great little snacks to have around, particuarly when you kinda want a coffee, but shouldn't really have another coffee because that would be way too much caffeine. I like the variety pack, good selection of really different flavours so you don't get bored or sick of any

5 Bar Sampler
Rosine Jewels
sampler pack

I love them all because they are very tasty and very satisfying.

Great sampler to give you a taste of all three bars to see what suits

I appreciated the sampler as it allowed me to find one that is right for me. the "pick me up" and "3pm" bars I found made me a little tired.... or maybe I just ate them too late! but I love the 9am bar! the lemon flavour is amazing and the ingredients soft/gentle for my stomach.

Tastes great! for a quick little get up and go!

Absolutely loved the lemon flavour of this product. It is easy to eat and a great go too when busy or just need a little snack. I am currently trialling for long runs so will see how I go!

Very nice

Yes they are good, I need to order some more

Absolutely delicious!

I love knowing that as I satisfy my cravings for a sweet treat, I’m fueling my body with the nutrients it needs to get through the day. Thank you! X

Best snack EVER

Can't choose which flavour I like best as i love all 3!
Healthy.. Australian made. What more do we need?

THE 9AM - Lemon, Coconut & Coffee Fruit Bar

Love it, fresh and light. Really tasty

Great hiking food

We have ordered 3 lots of these bars now and when we go on multi day hiking they are fabulous. A coffee and energy fix, lightweight so we can pack a couple for each day without blowing our kg/day. They fill you up and give you energy.

5 Bar Sampler
Trish Burke

Recently I purchased the 3 Bar Sampler and could not decide which bar I enjoyed the most. All 3 Bars were delicious. I will certainly buy again.

3 bar sampler

I have really enjoyed all three bars, but as I am trying to loose weight and counting my calories, it would be great if they even came in 25 or 30 g packs

5 Bar Sampler
Trish Handfield
I was blown away

I have tried many gluten free vegan bars to be disappointed but low and behold these bars are awesome. As a shift worker these bars are simple to carry so I don't need to look for coffee shops in the middle of the night. They taste amazing and are Australian owned and made win win. Thank you I am grounded.

Lemon, Coconut and Coffee Fruit box

All my favourite ingredients together in this delicious breakfast bar. Perfect taste, and perfect size and fills the space. Yummy

5 Bar Sampler

I really enjoyed all 3 flavours & would order again :D

Guilt-free snack

Really enjoyed these bars. It’s great having something that’s not loaded with sugar. My only complaint - if I were to have one - is the coffee lemon and other flavours need to be cranked up a notch or two.


Tasty little snacks to grab on your way. I will buy them again

Satisfying snack

I got the variety box and the only problem now is deciding which one I like better. All are delicious, satisfying and the perfect on the go recharge snack that I need. Great to find a healthy Gluten Free & Vegan treat that satisfies my coffee addiction.

Perfect pick me up

Love these coffee berry bars - beautifully flavored and the perfect pick me up for morning or afternoon tea - love the variety pack


Best snacks ever. They are perfect for an afternoon snack !