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Coffee Fruit Fact Sheet

Here are some insightful research articles on the impact of coffee fruit.

Coffee fruit Extract

Details of the amount of Polyphenols & Antioxidants in the Coffee Cherry Pulp.

Effect of Whole Coffee Fruit Extract on BDNF (whole coffee fruit).

Potential alternative uses of coffee by-products by the International Coffee Organisation - good overview of positive potential for coffee waste by-product use and benefits.

Article on the wet process management of the coffee cherry and the negative impacts on waterways and river systems - Specifically in Ethiopia.

Article on the waste problem 

These are the links of the articles supporting the function between the antioxidants and protein synthesis:


AOD: the antioxidant protein database (nih.gov)

Protein Antioxidant Response to the Stress and the Relationship between Molecular Structure and Antioxidant Function (nih.gov)

Polyphenols and mitochondria: An update on their increasingly emerging ROS-scavenging independent actions - ScienceDirect