• Coffee Fruit Fact Sheet

    Here are some insightful research articles on the impact of coffee fruit. Details of the amount of Polyphenols & Antioxidants in the Coffee C...
  • I Am Grounded Lands Key Distribution Agreements with Real Friends, Kadac, Go Vita Group & Healthy Life 

  • Experts suggest that coffee could reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19, New study suggests.

  • Why coffee fruit is a superfood!

    Hi! My name is Vanessa and I am a co-founder of I Am Grounded.

    The most common question I get about I Am Grounded is around coffee being a fruit. So, I wrote this informative and easy to digest blog for any curious minded people to learn more about coffee and its fruit. We talk about the origin of coffee, antioxidants, caffeine and more!
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  • Coffee fruit: What is it?

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    January 2020  Happy new year to all! As we enter a new decade, Australia currently faces some uncertainties, 2020 is the year w...
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    Hi Friends, All is well here at Coffee Fruit Bar, as usual we have been flat out over the past month with lots of news to share! ...
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    July 2019 In the Now  Hi friends,  We have been flat out since our post last month, with the launch of our new flavour Espresso Pea...
  • Disrupting Change in Coffee

    Each year, millions of coffee drinkers sip on their barista made coffees without knowing the truth behind each cup. The industry requires a drastic shake up if we are to combat the 10 Billion KG of coffee waste produced annually. Coffee Fruit may be the answer.