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In a world dominated by caffeine-packed energy drinks and jitter-inducing coffee shots, stumbling upon a snack that promises a unique caffeine experience feels like finding an oasis. Welcome to the universe of I Am Grounded, where our caffeine-infused bars offer more than a fleeting energy boost.

Is there such a thing as jitter-free caffeine? Let's delve into the science behind absorbing caffeine from different sources and formats.

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Not all caffeine is created equal. Our bars feature caffeine derived from coffee fruit, offering a smoother, sustained energy release compared to energy drinks.

Coffee fruit, often discarded during coffee processing, is a small stone fruit known for its berry-tart flavour, 1/4 of the natural caffeine in beans, and abundant antioxidants. It's a powerhouse of benefits, including prebiotic fibre.

Comparing Caffeinated Products

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The recommended daily caffeine intake for Australians, according to FSANZ, is 400mg for adults and 200mg for pregnant women. Natural caffeine, found in sources like coffee beans, tea leaves, and cacao, offers a balanced approach, as seen in our bars ranging from 20mg to 60mg.

In contrast, synthetic caffeine in energy drinks and supplements can lead to intense energy spikes (up to 160mg-250mg) with accompanying jitters and crashes.

When comparing caffeine levels per serve, it's crucial to note that natural sources like: chocolate drinks (5–10mg per 250ml), coffee (80–120mg per 250ml) and black tea (65–105mg per 250ml) offer moderate levels without the extreme peaks associated with synthetic options.

On the other hand, energy drinks (160mg per 250ml) and caffeine tablets (100mg per tablet) can pose risks, especially when exceeding recommended daily intake levels. 

Do antioxidants improve mood and offer the same affect?

Antioxidants play a role in supporting overall health, and there is some evidence suggesting a potential connection between antioxidants and mood. Oxidative stress, which occurs when there is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in the body, has been linked to mood disorders and mental health issues.

Certain antioxidants, such as those found in fruits, vegetables, and coffee, have been associated with positive effects on mood and cognitive function. For example, polyphenols in coffee have been studied for their potential neuro-protective and mood-enhancing properties.

Concurrently, the natural caffeine in our range of bars contributes to this dynamic interplay by providing a sustained and measured energy release. The absence of jitteriness, commonly associated with synthetic caffeine, underscores the careful formulation that distinguishes these bars.

Gradual Awakening: The I Am Grounded Advantage

The I Am Grounded range contains a rich source of fibre and carbohydrates from the almonds and cashews which ensure a slow absorption of caffeine, preventing sudden energy spikes and crashes. It's a marathon, not a sprint, the bars are designed to provide a steady fuel for the long haul.

"Incredible energy without the jitters! I love how the caffeine in these bars unfolds gradually, giving me sustained vitality throughout the day." - Sarah M.

No Artificial Highs, No Lows

So, what can you expect when biting into one of our bars? Picture this: a gradual, uplifting wave of alertness that lingers, no rollercoaster ride or caffeine-induced frenzy. It's an experience designed to harmonise with your body's natural rhythm, providing the energy you need without the chaos.

Our bars are a testament to the belief that natural ingredients, working together in harmony, can elevate your energy levels without the need for artificial highs and inevitable crashes.

In the realm of I Am Grounded, caffeine isn't just a stimulant; it's a companion on your journey to sustained vitality.  Embrace the difference, savour the experience, and discover what it truly means to be grounded in every bite.

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