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Based on 73 reviews
Perfect pick me up

Love these coffee berry bars - beautifully flavored and the perfect pick me up for morning or afternoon tea - love the variety pack


Best snacks ever. They are perfect for an afternoon snack !

Great filler!

Perfectly sized yummy snack that keeps me going in between meals, love the little hits of choc chips and knowing it saves nutritious fruit from being wasted!

YUMMO - Great Variety pack

I was very happy to receive my variety pack - its great to be able to try all the different flavours to see if I have a favourite. But I don’t - I loved them all and will be purchasing this pack again - great flavours and a perfect pick me up for my afternoons and during my night shifts at work .

The coconut one,

It was delish and tasty.

The Variety Pack Box (V) (GF)
Ann Templeton-Burgess

Brought the variety pack to try out - loved all the flavours and will be purchasing more. They taste great and they really help you not feel as hungry.

Love these bars

Love these these bars! They pack a punch, using the previously unused coffee fruit that draws on some fabulous health benefits of rich antioxidants and they taste great too.

A thumbs up from our household! They get me through the day☺️

I’m loving these bars!

They taste great, really do give you an energy boost, all with the feeling of satisfaction of saving fruit waste!


So delicious and love the sustainability the Grounded Bars bring to the table!

Five star flavour!

I loveeeee these bars! I can’t choose which is my favourite- but the 3pm fruity chocolate hit is definitely up there! So easy to eat on the go, in the car- where ever! They keep me full and keep my energy up for whatever the day throws at me!

Thanks Shari! Glad you enjoyed the bars and that the choccy one was a hit :)

Most Importantly Delicious

Loved the range of flavours in this pack, especially the Cocoa Almond Butter & Coffee Fruit. Quick dispatch and delivery and personal touches always appreciated. Great to see upcycling working well.

Sustainable and scrumptious

These bars are all so delicious. Great by themselves, or with breakfast or warmed up! I love the zero wastage concept and they really do give you that burst of energy. 10/10!

The perfect snack

I am so impressed with these bars! The flavor and attention to detail is unmatched! Such a great handbag essential. I love knowing that I’m snacking on a healthy and all natural alternative without missing out on that decedent flavor.

Excellent snacks

I love the variety pack which I ordered recently. I especially love the Espresso Tahini & Coffee Fruit bars. It would be good, though, if we could decide our own variety to reflect individual preferences. I look forward to when the balls come out.

Hi Maureen! Thank you very much for your review :) You can certainly change your preference in the drop down of the 'mix' and choose between 4 options (default mix; half cocoa/half espresso; half lemon/ half cocoa; half lemon/ half espresso). If you want a more tailored option, just send us a note in your next order and we can customise even further :) Some of our customers do this when they want particular bars :) Happy snacking! :)

Love it!

It's like eating a solid coffee, delicious!

Grounded and loving it!

I love this subscription box, all the variety so if you can’t choose which tasty coffee treat- gooey cocoa almond, refreshing lemon or punchy espresso tahini is your favourite you can mix it up 😉

Perfect afternoon wake up hit

Love this bar, it is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up without ruining the appetite for dinner or having any crashes an hour later.

Fantastic for Everesting!

I first came across your delicious product at one of our fabulous local cafes “Banter”. When I learnt there were more flavours I was keen to try them - and have not been disappointed. My 15 year old boys recently attempted an Everesting and found your energy bars very helpful on the day 😊

Great texture and filling

Loved the different flavours and caffine levels. Each bar is a filling snack and taste amazing.

Thank you for your great review Larlie! That means alot to us :)

The 3pm kick I needed

I really enjoyed the cocoa, almond butter and coffee fruit bar, especially in the afternoon around 2-4pm. I noticed it gives me a slight mental boost and energy boost, but nothing too drastic. It's pretty delicious and fruity with notes of dark chocolate.

So much flavour

The bars pack a bunch of flavour, they are the perfect consistency-not crumbly, at all, and come in 3 awesome flavours! I think my favourite is the espresso!

So Yummy

I am really enjoying the 3pm and I can feel it give me a good boost.

My wife, who doesn't like coffee, has tried one and finds them delicious, and now she is eating them all....

Cocoa Almond Butter was our favourite

We were pleasantly impressed with your products and packaging! Loved the little details you had on each packaging and the love and thought that comes through your product. Cocoa Almond Butter was our favourite, the others were amazing too!