Unlock the Power of I Am Grounded's Coffee Fruit Bars: 11 Happy Customers Share Their Love for A Natural Caffeine Boost!

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When it comes to finding snacks that provide an extra boost of energy, there are countless options out there. But what makes I Am Grounded's stand out is our natural ingredients and brain-boosting benefits. These bars offer a clean, delicious source of caffeine from coffee fruit, plus a range of flavours to suit your mood.

Here's what some happy customers have had to say about our products in the past!

1. A Perfect Pick-Me-Up

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"Picked up the Cocoa 3pm up at my local Woolies and I am amazed to have no jitters consuming this as a 3pm office snack! I found the focus I got to finish the rest of the day was like having a coffee without the crash. I was worried that having the bars too late in the afternoon would affect my sleep, but I didn't notice sleep change or crash. Overall I am really happy with this healthy snack! "
- Tom M.

2. Love This Midday Energy Boost

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"Really enjoyed this bar, perfect pick-me-up to have in the office"
- Logan.

3. A Pleasant Surprise

“I noticed this in Woolies the other day and picked up the Blueberry flavour, I was surprised to learn that coffee is a fruit and doesn't taste like coffee. I took some home to eat with my morning yoghurt and it gives me such a nice gentle energy boost. ”
- Leah P.

4. Next-Level Deliciousness

"I’m a sucker for these types of bars but this was next level delish! Definitely need to keep one in my bag at ALL times so glad I had the opportunity to try it!"
- Tate.

5. Convenient and Tasty

"So small and conveniently packaged which makes it the perfect on the go snack. Really tasty and just the right amount."
- Caitlin.

6. Genuinely Surprised At How Good These Are!

"A great bar which I took to work. A good size, fills you up, the Arvo Salted Caramel kept me going until it was time to leave work. Tasty and a really good flavour! I also can't believe we drink so much coffee in Australia, I didn't know we waste the fruit to drink the beans!"
- Ariane B.

7. Addictively Delicious

"The more I ate, the more I wanted to keep eating. It's really addictive and a great alternative to sugary sweets to get through the 2pm slump."
- Annette.

8. Perfect for Non-Coffee Drinkers


"These bars are delicious. As a non-coffee drinker, I find the strong ones perfect, and depending on the time and my mood, the others perfectly fit the bill."
- Sheila H.

9. A Variety Pack for Everyone

"Such great little snacks to have around, particularly when you kinda want a coffee but shouldn't really have another coffee because that would be way too much caffeine. I like the variety pack, good selection of really different flavours so you don't get bored or sick of any."
- Kathryn H.

10. Finding the Right Fit

"I appreciated the sampler as it allowed me to find one that is right for me! The lemon flavour is amazing and the ingredients are gentle on my stomach."
- Cherie.

11. Healthy and Australian-Made

"I can't choose which flavour I like best! They're healthy and Australian-made. What more do we need?"
- Maria D.


Whether you want to avoid an afternoon coffee crash, get more things done during the workday, or simply feel more focused, these reviews say it all. 

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