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I Love this product

I am a landscaper and don’t eat lunch, instead I have a couple of protein bars during the day. I have tried them all.
Anytime a new product comes out I try it.
These are by far the best I have tried.
My personal favourite it the peanut butter expresso.

Good use of a usually goes to waste

Convenient healthy snack

5 Bar Sampler
Astrid Boulton
Bars ordered

We had an issue with delivery. I had it delivered to my son's POBox. But unbeknown to me the PO Box was discontinued. I have no idea where the bars are now.

5 Bar Sampler

Have only been able to try the almond butter so far.....but definitely excited to try the others asap........
Great in your pocket while hiking 🥾🤠

5 Bar Sampler
Absolutely delicious!!!

Samples this at the Easter show and immediately fell in love. Highly recommended!

Love the flavours! I wish the calorie count was lower though

Variety pack

Peanut butter expresso too strong for my taste bug blueberry & lemon bars great & fill U up.

Best energy bar on the market!

Sublime taste and health benefits!

Love these so good

It certainly is a different tasting item.

I enjoy the The Pick Me Up....

I enjoy the The Pick Me Up....

Had one bar with my husband.
It was very good

Unusual / interesting ....why not!

Unsure if I like them enough to buy more yet. I just consumed number 7 of 10.

Lovely variety & very tasty


Perfectly delicious

A delicious snack bar

Stop the munchies an forget liquid caffeine
Try I am grounded bars today


Delicious variety tasty bars.


Your product is great for a morning tea pick me up:)

Delicious and healthy snack

Really enjoy your products they are delicious and go well with a coffee at work. Easy to grab on the go for work.

Delicious and Nutritious

I purchased a 10 pack variety box and found all of the bars delicious. They are very filling and a great pre workout snack, enough to ride me over until dinner without reaching for junk. I particularly liked the lemon flavour, but all bars are really tasty. They are not cheap BUT you get what you pay for. Will purchase again, thanks:)

Lovely surprise!

I just received my first box. Speedy service!
Only tried a lemon coconut so far. It was delicious and I found it staved off need for a big lunch. Looking forward to trying the others. Good luck in your enterprise.


As a type 2 diabetes person, I need to know ingredients. Sugar, salt, carbs, etc. And kidney failure means I have to be careful of a variety of foods.
Abbi M

Hi Abby, The nutritional profile of each of the bars can be found in the drop down as well as in the pictures of the products! Our bars have high soluble fibre made from coffee fruit concentrate and chicory root fibre which are known to lower a food's glycemic response and beneficial for helping to control cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Taste much better than I thought they would

I'm not usually a fan of dates but thought I’d give these bars a go as they sounded interesting. Very pleasantly surprised that they taste so much better than I expected. I work nights so these have been a great little pick-me-up to get me through to the end of my shift. Highly recommend trying them, you won't be disappointed.